Mission Statement

The HPI has set itself the task of

  • offering a study program that complies with the highest standards in both research and curriculum in IT systems engineering. This enables its graduates to work in leading positions in IT research as well as to play a key role in the public and private sectors of the IT industry.
  • contributing to the progress of informatics on an internationally recognized level and to further develop IT systems engineering in close cooperation with partners in academic research as well as industry partners and
  • committing its competence to resolving important challenges for society and together with other parties to push forward the implementation of innovative solutions for business and society.

 Taking this into account our wider goals are

  • making the fascinating study of information technology come alive to talented high-school graduates,
  • imparting to students, under the best possible conditions, the latest expertise, practical skills and the ability to work together across disciplines,
  • to enhance our specialized educational curriculum in informatics with the supplemental areas of expertise in soft skills, innovative capacity and entrepreneurship,
  • directing suitable students to an internationally successful research career at an early stage,
  • producing highly qualified experts who are also capable and prepared to take on civic responsibility in a complex, quickly changing world and
  • to promote learning as a life-long process and through the use of IT technology to ensure a fast practical transfer of knowledge and technology.