HPI Alumni: a Lasting Partnership with a Perspective

Former students, researchers and teachers are integral components of the HPI family. We foster our close contact and help each other to develop our mutual potential in the best way possible.

What is the concrete basis for the partnership between HPI and the alumni?


  • seek contact to former classmates.
    Alumni Portal and Alumni Office help them to relocate acquaintances and to make new contacts.
  • want to keep informed about the latest developments at HPI.
    Alumni blog, mailings and regular alumni events keep them up to date.
  • are interested in new career options.
    the Evening Talk presents them with practical role models and the  entrepreneur trade fair HPI Connect brings together business people and their future employees.
  • seek success in business.
    HPI fosters the exchange between highly-qualified and motivated students and their prospective employers.  Entrepreneurs and business leaders offer a close look at their company in the series "HPI Alumni meet ..." . 
  • are a driving force behind business and social development.
    HPI encourages the transfer of scientific knowledge into product-based innovation.

The HPI...

  • recruits the most promising national as well as international  talent for its excellent study programs.
    HPI alumni serve as genuine ambassadors and multipliers in ensuring that HPI retains its cutting edge in the competition for the best and the brightest.
  • constantly seeks new partners for its work in research, teaching and transfer.
    From the Bachelor project to internships, research collaborations and scholarship  awards, there are many paths open to the alumni to support the mission of HPI.
  • wishes to continue to expand its network in business and society.
    Alumni provide important contacts and open new doors.