Applying for a Degree Program at Hasso Plattner Institute

Information about applying for a bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral or postgraduate study program at HPI can be found here. > more

IT Systems Engineering for Bachelor, Master and PhD

This practice-oriented computer science study focuses on the development of complex software systems. > more

HPI School of Design Thinking

Creative minds can pursue postgraduate studies in the innovation method of Design Thinking by taking part in the HPI … > more

Design Thinking for Students of All Disciplines

The innovation school offers a one or two-semester supplementary study program in Design Thinking. > more


The HPI Research Groups: A Broad Spectrum of Topics

Nine research groups develop innovative solutions for current issues in information technology. > more

HPI Future SOC Lab

The HPI Future SOC Lab provides an efficient infrastructure for academic research. > more

HPI Research School

The Graduate school at Hasso Plattner Institute has devoted itself to the field of “Service-Oriented Systems … > more


Intensive Program: HPI and Stanford CPD Help in Digital Transformation

The course "Leading Digital Transformation and Innovation" teaches current material about information technology and … > more

Cape Town: With Help from Potsdam, a Third School of Design Thinking opens

A third innovation school will soon be joining the other two established schools — one at Hasso Plattner Institute, at … > more

First Design Thinking Study Proves Successful Application in Companies

In the business sector, Design Thinking has developed from a creative technique into a driver of corporate change. > more

Design Thinking Week: Students Improve the Daily Life Experience for People with Illiteracies

"Improve the daily life experience for people with illiteracies" – this was the challenge eight teams worked on at our … > more

Open Campus

HPI Presents Environmental Monitoring Software at SAP Customer Fair in the USA

From 17 to 19 May, the HPI IT specialists will be attending the world’s largest customer fair run by IT group SAP SE. > more

HPI Academy: Innovations for professionals

The HPI Academy offers continuing education for professionals in the field of Design Thinking and innovation. > more

Youth Academy: The fun way to learn about computer science

The goal of the Youth Academy is to show young people the creative possibilities inherent in computer science. > more

openHPI: open IT online courses for everybody

The interactive Internet educational platform offers free online courses at the university level. > more



Drei HPI-Doktoranden schließen Promotionsverfahren im April ab

Insgesamt drei Doktoranden des Hasso-Plattner-Instituts konnten nach der erfolgreichen Verteidigung … > more


HPI Presents Environmental Monitoring Software at SAP Customer Fair in the USA

From 17 to 19 May, the HPI IT specialists will be attending the world’s largest customer fair run by … > more


Hasso-Plattner-Institut wird Partner von Mittelstand 4.0-Kompetenzzentrum

Gemeinsam mit Partnern aus der Region Berlin-Brandenburg ist das Hasso-Plattner-Institut (HPI) Teil … > more


I4j Summit Germany: With courage and innovation towards a new way of working

Mit dem ersten „German i4j-Summit – Innovation for Jobs“ konnte das Hasso-Plattner-Institut (HPI) in … > more


Sicherheitskonferenz: Experten aus Politik, Wirtschaft und Wissenschaft diskutieren IT-Sicherheit

Das Thema Cybersicherheit gewinnt durch die fortschreitende Digitalisierung weiter an Bedeutung. Aus … > more