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Harald Sack


  • Dr. Harald Sack
    Hasso-Plattner-Institut für Softwaresystemtechnik
    Universität Potsdam
    Prof.-Dr.-Helmert-Str. 2-3
    D-14482 Potsdam



  • Currently, Harald Sack is working as a Senior Researcher and Head of 'Semantic Technologies' Research Group at HPI, Internet Technologies and Systems Chair. His research interests cover the following topics: 

    •  Semantic Multimedia
    •  Linked Data Engineering and Applications
    •  Semantically enhanced Information Retrieval (Semantic Search)
    •  Knowledge Representations and Ontological Engineering
    •  Multimedia Analysis, Information Extraction and Knowledge Mining
    •  Recommender Systems
    •  Semantically enriched e-Learning Applications

  •  More information about current research in our Semantic Multimedia Research Blog

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Team Members - Semantic Technologies and Multimedia Retrieval Group:

    Former Coworkers

    • M.Sc. Bernhard Quehl (Scientific Coworker)
    • Dr. Haojin Yang (former PhD student)
    • Dr. Nadine Steinmetz (former PhD student)
    • Johannes Osterhoff, M.A. Designer (Scientific Coworker)
    • Joscha Jäger, B.A. Designer (Intern, Scientific Coworker)
    • Johannes Hercher, Diplom Dokumentar (Scientific Coworker)
    • Lina Wolf, Dipl. Inform. (PhD student)
    • Zalan Kramer, Dipl. Inform. (PhD student)
    • M.Sc. Katarina Birghan (PhD student)

    • Job Offers:

      • NEW: For project D-Werft, PhD positions/junior researcher positions available (starting Oct 2014).
      • We are constantly looking for new student workers in all areas related to semantic technologies, multimedia analysis, knowledge mining etc. Please contact Jörg Waitelonis for further information.
      • Master-Theses available at project D-Werft also with focus on semantic technologies, knowledge discovery, and multimedia retrieval, contact Harald Sack.


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