Master's Program

Contact for the Master´s Program:
Ilona Pamperin
Phone: +49-331-5509-401
Fax: +49-331-5509-322
E-Mail: studienreferat(at)hpi.uni-potsdam.de

If you already hold a Bachelor´s Degree in the field of IT Systems Engineering or in a similar equivalent field of studies, and if you have achieved excellent grades as part of that degree and are interested in our study goals and content, we look forward to receiving your application.

Our capacity is limited due to the fact that we guarantee our Master´s students small study groups and the support of an individual professor. 60 students are accepted into the Master´s Program each year. Enrollment is possible in summer and winter semester. The application deadline is January 15 for summer semester and July 15 for winter semester. Submitted applications are evaluated by the Master´s Program Admissions Board at our institute.

Goal of the Master´s Program - Preparation for Leadership Positions

Graduates from the Master´s Program are given the academic and practical tools needed to take up leading industry positions such as system architects and project managers. 

Study Content

The study content of the Master's Program is predominantly process-oriented. The processes of development, distribution and use of software systems play a great role in the program. The prerequisite for entry into the Master's program is the completion of product-oriented academic training.

In addition to specializations in IT engineering, students also acquire so-called "soft skills" which form a major part of successful project management in software project development.

Basic Topics

  • IT-Systems Engineering
  • Specialization 1
  • Specialization 2
  • Softskills
  • Masterproject
  • Masterthesis

For Specialization 1 and 2 you can choose from the following groups:

  • Business Process & Enterprise Technologies
  • Human Computer Interaction & Computer Graphics Technology
  • Internet & Security Technology
  • Operating Systems & Information Systems Technology
  • Software Architecture & Modeling Technology

There are no prescribed core courses in the Master´s program. The course offerings are designed to offer a variety of choices.

Scope of the Master´s Program

Timeframe: 4 contact hours (ch) each

A student must have achieved a minimum of 75 graded credit points to receive a Master´s Degree:

  • 24 credit points in Software Engineering, of which a least 18 must be graded
  • 18 credit points in Soft Skills, of which a least 12 must be graded
  • 33 credit points in two selected specializations with at least 15 credit points each, of which at least 12 must be graded.

Further information on the IT Systems Engineering Program can found in the current Study Rules and Regulations.

Closing date for applications: July 15 (winter term) or January 15 (summer term)

Ph.D. Track

Since the academic year 2011-12, HPI offers a Master's program which is designed to lead up to a Ph.D. degree. The "Ph.D. Track" allows top candidates to enroll directly from a completed Bachelor's degree into HPI's Ph.D. program. The program which addresses outstanding students is open to both, HPI students and external applicants from Germany and abroad.