Prof. Dr.-Ing. Bert Arnrich

Matching Medical Use Cases with Suitable Technologies

Jonas Chromik

At the Digital Health Center we address medical issues with technologies from the computer science domain. From a medical perspective, the problem is finding the right technology for a problem at hand. But medical experts usually know little about the technologies in computer science. From a computer science perspective, the problem is finding use cases for a given technology. But computer scientists lack information on current issues in medicine. Consequently, although technologies for solving prevailing medical issues exist, little progress is made because in both domains either problem or solution is unknown. We want to address this issue by matching medical use cases with computer science technologies. Although the problem of matching use cases with technologies is known and present even in other domains (cf. https://blogs.worldbank.org/digital-development/matching-development -challenges-tech-solutions-fight-against-extreme-poverty), no implemented solution seems to exist. In order to find associations between use cases in medicine and technologies in computer science, we have to find out what exists in either domain. For this we use ontology databases like MeSH for medical concepts (https://meshb.nlm.nih.gov) or CSO for computer science concepts (https://cso.kmi.open.ac.uk). Using the terms from these databases, we search through publicly available abstracts of medical publications. By counting the number of co-occurrence between medical and computer science terms, we can access the strength of association between the corresponding concepts. These associations can help finding the right technologies to solve prevailing issues in medicine. Or vice versa, further use cases for existing technologies can be discovered.