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Classes in Human-Computer Interaction at Hasso Plattner Institute

Welcome to the Human-Computer Interaction Lab at Hasso Plattner Institute, led by Prof. Dr. Patrick Baudisch. To use it register yourself using your HPI user name as login and register with your HPI email address. Read the lab manifesto (and shop addendum), practice wiki editing using the wiki's preview function, then edit whatever you can make better. Here is a place to upload and share. For questions regarding this wiki contact Thijs Roumen.

HCI Classes for Bachelor and Masters

Available Master theses topics

Hardware Prototyping Tools

VR & tracking
Fabrication machines
  • Dimension 3D Printer allows you to make 3D parts. While slower and more expensive than the laser, it can do more
  • Ultimaker 2+ Printer allows you to make 3D parts from different materials and is usually reliable.
  • MakerBot 3D Printer allows you to make 3D parts. Is Open Source and thus hackable.
  • Titan1 DLP/SLA 3D Printer allows you to make 3D parts. It uses liquid resin and is based on stereolithography. For high-resolution parts.
Touch-sensitive surfaces
  • MultitoeFloor here is how to maintain the projector and other components
  • Fiberio here is how to setup and calibrate fiberio
  • surface here is how to maintain the Microsoft Surface
  • Gadgeteer inventory list

Software Infrastructure

  • Computer Vision allows you to extract information from video, e.g. for object detection and tracking

Know-how for PhD students and Guests

Old stuff, outdated

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