Prof. Dr. Erwin Böttinger

Research Topics

Here you find an overview of current research topics of our team. Please click on the topic to get more information.

The focus is on the following research areas: 

  • Machine learning/deep learning: Developing innovative methods for diagnosing health problems/predicting health outcomes in high-dimensional, heterogeneous data
  • Knowledge representation: Extracting information from disparate data sources and making information interoperable across diverse information systems
  • Medical knowledge discovery and data mining: Analysis of large-scale electronic health record and clinical trials databases; Retrieval, pipelines, and characterization of disease-specific cohorts; Integration of EHR with genomic data; Data-driven identification of patient subgroups based on clinical and treatment process data
  • Telemonitoring/medical sensor technologies: Extracting useful and useable information from real-time sensor technologies and internet of things
  • Intelligent personal health assistance and/or clinical decision support agents: Developing artificial intelligence solutions to improve health outcomes through supporting better personal health decisions and better clinical care decisions
  • Data sovereignty: Developing innovative electronic consent procedures that enable patient-/person-centric sovereignty concerning data access, sharing and use
  • Privacy protection: Enhancing trust with advanced digital tools and methods for privacy protection, such as data de-identification (pseudonymization) and anonymization, or encryption 



Citizen-centred EU-EHR exchange for personalized health

Smart4Health enables citizens to manage and bridge their own health data throughout the EU and beyond, advancing own and societal health and wellbeing.

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Digital solutions made in Brandenburg | digisolBB

The project “Digital solutions made in Brandenburg | digisolBB” is a consulting project for the public sector, estimated to be run until Q2/2022. A diverse project consortium consisting of backgrounds in academia as well as consulting won the bid from the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy of the Land Brandenburg to outline and implement an economic development strategy in the area of Digital Health for the federal state of Brandenburg.

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How does digital transformation affect the health system