Prof. Dr. Erwin Böttinger

Development and evaluation of a virtual “Personal Functioning Coach” (PFC) for chronic low back pain patients (cLBP)

Sarah Wernicke

People with the same diagnosis (e.g. unspecific cLBP) could have very different functioning and disability profiles. Therefore, one has to go beyond the diagnosis of a health condition to entirely understand the patient story.
The International classification of functioning (ICF) of the WHO provides a scientific and operational basis to understand, describe and evaluate health, health- related conditions, outcomes and determinants. The aim of the project is to build a digital “Personal Functioning Coach” based on the ICF- model in chronic low back pain patients. With machine learning algorithms, the model will be trained on an existing back pain dataset and further developed for a decision support tool in the treatment of cLBP patients. It will help to classify functioning into various dimension and provides a score to visualize deficits. Therewith, it should assist medical professionals in a telemedicine approach to treat patients with cLBP.