Prof. Dr. Jürgen Döllner


Paper accepted for IV 2016

The paper "Evaluation of Sketchiness as a Visual Variable for 2.5D Treemaps" by Daniel Limberger, Carolin Fiedler, Sebastian Hahn, Matthias Trapp and Jürgen Döllner has been accepted as a contribution to the 20th International Conference of Information Visualization (IV'16). The conference will be held in Lisbon from the 19th to 22nd of July.



Interactive 2.5D treemaps serve as an effective tool for the visualization of attributed hierarchies, enabling exploration of non-spatial, multi-variate, hierarchical data. In this paper the suitability of sketchiness as a visual variable, e.g., to depict uncertainty, is evaluated. Therefore, a design space for sketchy rendering in 2.5D and integration details for real-time applications are presented. The results of three user studies indicate, that sketchiness is a promising candidate for a visual variable that can be used in addition to others, e.g., color and height.