Prof. Dr. Jürgen Döllner


Geospatial Digital Rights Management in Geovisualization

Döllner, ; Jürgen, in The Cartographic Journal 2005 .

Geovisualization offers powerful tools, techniques, and strategies to present, explore, analyze, and manage geoinformation. Interactive geovirtual environments such as virtual 3D maps or virtual 3D city models, however, raise the question how to control geodata usage and distribution. We present a concept for embedding digital rights in geovisualizations. It is based on geo-documents, an object-oriented scheme to specify a wide range of geovisualizations. Geo-documents are assembled by building blocks categorized into presentation, structure, interaction, animation, and Digital Rights Management (DRM) classes. DRM objects allow for defining permissions and constraints for all objects contained in geo-documents. In this way, authors of geovisualizations can control how their geo-documents are used, personalized, and redistributed by users. The strengths of the presented concept include the ability to integrate heterogeneous 2D and 3D geodata within a compact design scheme and the ability to cope with privacy, security, and copyright issues. Embedded digital rights in geovisualizations can be applied to improve the usability of geodata user interfaces, to implement publisher-subscriber communication systems for geodata, and to establish business models for geodata trading systems.
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