Prof. Dr. Jürgen Döllner


SmartBuildings - A Concept for Ad-Hoc Creation and Refinement of 3D Building Models

Döllner, Jürgen; Buchholz, Henrik; Brodersen, Florian; Glander, Tassilo; Jütterschenke, Sascha; Klimetschek, Alexander in 1st International Workshop of 3D City Models Gröger, G.; Kolbe, T.H. ( Eds. ), Bonn , SPRS/EuroSDR/DGPF , EuroSDR , 2005 . Online proceedings

This paper presents smart buildings, a concept for ad-hoc creation and refinement of 3D building models. A smart building represents a building’s geometry and appearance on a per-floor basis. A building’s floor basically consists of a ground plan and walls, whereby each floor and its parts can be specified independently. In addition, smart buildings provide and maintain detailed building semantics and allow for attaching application-specific semantics not just to the whole building but also to specific floors and sections of façades. Smart buildings provide intuitive means for constructing, reshaping, and refining 3D building models. In particular, they provide an effective solution for integrating building models of different level-of-detail within a uniform framework. With smart buildings, authoring systems for 3D city models can implement cost-effective intuitive tools for the maintenance and incremental development of 3D city models. The concept can serve both as a schema for implementing 3D city model systems as well as provide a suggestion for further extensions to standards regarding 3D city models such as CityGML.
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Editor(s) Gröger, G.; Kolbe, T.H.
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