Prof. Dr. Jürgen Döllner


Neo-Cartographic Influence on Map Communication in LBS

Jobst, Markus; Döllner, Jürgen in Location Based Services and TeleCartography II, From Sensor Fusion to Context Models Gartner, Georg; Rehrl, Karl ( Eds. ), page 207--219 . Springer , 2008 .

Neo-cartography spans ubiquitous cartography, user participation and considerations for geo-media techniques. This new expansion of multimedia and internet cartography combines the latest Web developments with traditional cartography and imagery research. Therefore the focus within the conceptual communication model shifts and leads to a separate investigation of information-carrier and information-content. At least this separation helps to prepare geospatial data effi ciently, especially within virtual 3D presentation methods. But it is also a crucial aspect of geo-media techniques whenever detailed information is put on lower resolution interfaces. This contribution introduces the notion neo-cartography, discusses the mutation of importance within the conceptual communication model and explains its consequences for geo-media techniques in LBS.
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Editor(s) Gartner, Georg; Rehrl, Karl
Tags cgs communication_models dead_information_pixels geomedia-techniques mass-communication neo-cartography