April 2007 - 2nd Retreat

The 2nd Ph.D. retreat of the "Service-Oriented Systems Engineering" Research School took place on April 20th, 2007, at the Hasso-Plattner-Institut in Potsdam. Together with the HPI professors the members of the Research School discussed the current states of the research activities and future plans.

  • Flavius Copaciu - FMC-QE Modeling and Performance Exploration of the Axis2 Framework
  • Benjamin Hagedorn - Visualization in High-Level Geoinformation Services
  • Stephan Kluth - FMC-QE Positioning, Basic Definitions and Graphical Representation
  • Michael Menzel - Security Engineering in Service-Oriented Architectures
  • Harald Meyer - Discovery, Management, and Composition of Services
  • Hagen Overdick - Resource-Oriented Application Building
  • Alexander Schmidt - Towards Fine-grained SOA Instrumentation
  • Michael Schöbel - Operating System Resource Partitioning for Service- Based Systems
  • Matthias Uflacker - The Role of Design in Enterprise Application Development



October 2007 - 3rd Retreat

The 3rd Ph.D. retreat of the Research School took place on October 18th and 19th. During the two days in Rheinsberg, the Ph.D. students presented and discussed their research activities together with the HPI professors. Also the new Ph.D. students introduced themselves to their new collegues.

  • Mohammed AbuJarour - Data Integration in Web Services
  • Rehab Al Nemr - How to trust: An approach based on adjusted-Reputation
  • Malte Appeltauer - Context-oriented Service Computing
  • Basil Becker - Modeling and Verifcation of Self-adaptive Service-oriented Systems
  • Benjamin Hagedorn - Navigation in Service-Based 3D Virtual Environments
  • Stephan Kluth - FMC-QE Calculus
  • Michael Menzel - Model-Driven Generation of Security Policies for Service Compositions
  • Harald Meyer - Discovery, Management, and Composition of Services
  • Hagen Overdick - Supporting Design Thinking with IT
  • Artem Polyvyanyy - HPI Research School: Progress Report
  • Alexander Schmidt - Operating System Support for Reliable Service Computing
  • Michael Schöbel - A Request-based Execution Model
  • Igor Sychev - HPI Research School: Progress report
  • Ivonne Thomas - Whom to trust in an open environment? Identity and Trust Management in SOA
  • Matthias Uflacker - Deriving Social Information Networks From Informal Collaboration Processes