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Innovation Talk of the HPI E-School

Innovation in times of Corona“ The corona pandemic is ubiquitous and affects all parts of our daily lives. Despite this, innovation is by no means dead but more important than ever. Previous crises have encouraged the emergence of ideas such as AirBnB or Square. The HPI School of Entrepreneurship, deals with innovative ideas on a daily basis, so we asked ourselves what innovation opportunities might arise from the current situation.

The #WirVsVirus Hackathon launched by the Federal Government that encouraged out-ofthe-box thinking and the development of innovative ideas that will help society to show solidarity now and emerge stronger from the current situation caused by Covid-19. In 48 hours, 28,361 people have worked on over 1,500 solutions. 

Among the top 20 ideas that emerged from this hackathon is #liquidebleiben. The team provides immediate assistance to companies so that they can secure their existence. With the help of #liquidebleiben the number of queries in exchanges with banks and authorities can be reduced and the disbursement of funds due to those affected is speeded up.

To learn and discuss first-hand how an extraordinary situation like this can incubate new ideas, the HPI E-School invited the #liquidebleiben team to give a presentation about their experiences of the last weeks. Among other things Gregor Bransky, Gudrun Mildner and Annett-Katrin Wohlgemuth will talk about how the idea was born, how the team came together, how they perceived the hackathon, and of course, their plans for the future. 

This event is a good opportunity for everyone interested in turning a crisis into an opportunity.