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Joint Proposal: Visual Diagnostics for Design Thinking

PI: Dr. Claudia Nicolai, Prof. Ulrich Weinberg


We have developed two complementary instruments to code interactional dynamics in Design Thinking team conversations: the Knowledge Handling Notation and the Topic Mark Up Scheme. We have also completed a comprehensive in-situ data library of team interactions. Applying both instruments to this library enables an analysis of the practices a team uses to externalize and combine knowledge, as well as the topic coherence of that team's conversation. But what do we learn from this application? What might be implications that we can generate when applying the instruments to more than one data set, across teams and across Design Thinking phases? And how do knowledge handling and topic coherence relate to collaboration performance for example in terms of idea generation? Such are the questions we want to explore in the upcoming research year, finally being able to harvest the fruits of our developed instruments. In summary, our research objective is three-fold:

1. Pattern analysis of knowledge handling in Design Thinking

Projects across teams and phases

2. Analyzing Coherence of design conversations

3. Process-based evaluation of collaboration in design contexts


Andrea Scheer

Andrea Scheer. Andrea Scheer is a PhD candidate at the faculty of human sciences of the University … > mehr

Axel Menning

Axel Menning. Axel Menning is research associate at the Hasso Plattner Institut - School of Design … > mehr

Benedikt Ewald

Benedikt Ewald. > mehr

Dr. Claudia Nicolai

Dr. Claudia Nicolai. Dr. Claudia Nicolai studied Business Administration, Economics, and Social … > mehr

Prof. Uli Weinberg

Prof. Uli Weinberg. Studied fine arts and design at the Academies of Fine Arts in Munich and Berlin. … > mehr