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Chair Digital Health - Machine Learning

Technical advances in imaging and DNA sequencing enable diagnosis of disease earlier and more accurate than ever. Innovative use of data promises to revolutionize clinical practice and to turn medicine into a data science. In the research group “Digital Health – Machine Learning”, headed by Christoph Lippert, we work on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence algorithms and novel applications in medicine. We develop models to detect disease patterns in images and molecular data and statistical models for the quantitative analysis of large cohorts.


Prof. Dr. Christoph Lippert

Professor for Digital Health - Machine Learning
Room: G-2.2.31
Phone: +49-(0)331 5509-4861
Fax: +49-(0)331 5509-163
E-Mail: christoph.lippert(at)hpi.de

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Lena Kaese

Executive Assistant
Room: G-2.2.22
Phone: +49-(0)331 5509-4860
Fax: +49-(0)331 5509-163
E-Mail: Lena.kaese(at)hpi.de

Research Assistants, PostDocs and PhD Candidates