HPI Digital Health Center

Integrated Healthcare: Data aggregation, analysis and visualization

Ariane Sasso

Data related to our health is everywhere and its capability to help us was not entirely leveraged yet. It exists in the form of clinical data in our medical records, imaging data from MRIs and CT scans, even genomic data, and nowadays, data collected by ourselves using smartphones, smartwatches, activity trackers and portable medical devices. The first challenge is to create innovative computational solutions to acquire, store and aggregate all of this. The second one is to analyze and present it to us (patients, healthcare professionals and researchers) in a way that improves patient care, professional workflows and that even foster discoveries related to a specific disease or condition that would not be possible otherwise. For example, by aggregating clinical data and data from wearable sensors we could better monitor a chronic disease, learn more about it and in the end, improve a patient’s overall health condition.