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Systems Medicine Approach for Heart Failure (SMART)

Milena Kraus

Heart failure (HF) is a complex chronic disease with numerous risk factors, e.g. genetic predisposition, or physical inactivity, and promises a strong susceptibility to a patient-specific, systems medicine treatment approach. Interdisciplinary experts of the SMART consortium establish concrete methods for interrelating parameters and modeling of HF to improve patient care.In a joint effort, the transcriptome, proteome, cell function, regulating hormones, tissue composition, hemodynamics and whole organ function up to a whole body description of patients suffering from HF are derived by the consortium members. Real-world data is acquired in the course of a dedicated observational study of patients undergoing a replacement of the left ventricle valve.

Within the scope of the SMART project we define and explore the emerging field of systems medicine from an IT perspective and provide a design and implementation of a systems medicine IT platform, which is suited for a concrete use case of the SMART consortium. Reusable software artifacts include a streamlined research process for systems medicine (indication heart failure), the systematic integration of partner data from heterogeneous sources into central software infrastructure, event-driven notifications to guarantee flow of process steps, reproducible research through standardized processing and analysis pipelines and the interactive analysis of differential gene expression in the clinical context.