HPI Digital Health Center

Summer Term 2020

Please be advised, that this is still a draft version of the timetable for summer semester 2020. Additions or short-notice changes may occur.

Mandatory Courses Digital Health (2nd Semester)

  • Legal and Compliance Framework for Digital Health (Prof. Dierks)
  • Managing and Researching Healthcare  Systems (Prof. Busse)
  • Process Mining in Digital Health (Prof. Weske)

Courses Specialization Areas

  • Analyze your personal genome (Dr. Schurmann et al.)
  • Applied Machine Learning for Digital Health (Dr. Schapranow)
  • Deep Learning (Prof. Lippert)  (Note: content equates to last summer's 'Machine Learning for Precision Medicine')
  • Digital Health Design Lab (Dr. Edelman)
  • Personalized Medicine (Prof. Böttinger)
  • Statistics in Connected Healthcare (Prof. Arnrich)
  • Theory and applications of causal interferences and causal Learning (Prof. Lippert)

Master Projects SS2020

  • FG Arnrich What Can Your Smartwatch Tell You About Your Mental Health?
  • FG Böttinger App-based N-of-1 trials in a clinically-relevant context for personalizing digital health interventions
  • FG Lippert Medical Imaging Model Zoo


Bachelor Project (started in WS 19/20)