HPI Digital Health Center

Winter Term 2019/20

The time table WS 19/20 (stand 08/30/19)

Courses 1. Semester (in planning...)

  • Health and Disease Core Competencies (Bridge module)
  • Understanding Healthcare (Bridge module)
  • Introduction to IT Systems (Bridge module)
  • Fundamentals of Programming in Digital Health (Bridge module)
  • Digital Health Systems and Data Interoperability
  • Business Process Analysis in Healthcare
  • Ethical Issues in Digital Health
  • Data Analysis using R, 1 – Statistical Epidemiology

Courses 3. Semester (in planning...)

  • Data Analysis using R, 1 – Statistical Epidemiology
  • Human centered AI design for Digital Health
  • Deep Dives into Mt. Sinai Health Data
  • Digital Health Research Lab
  • Data Management for Digital Health

Master- & Bachelor Projects

  • Master Projects

    • FG Arnrich: Learn to Move like a Pro -Human Motion Analysis in the Wild
    • FG Böttinger: Machine Learning on Real-World Health Data with Cloud-based In-Memory Database Computing
    • FG Lippert: Learning from population-scale medical imaging data without labels

  • Bachelor Project