Prof. Dr. Jürgen Döllner


Interactive Rendering to Perspective Texture-Atlases

Trapp, Matthias; Döllner, Jürgen in Eurographics 2010 Shortpaper Seipel, Stefan; Lensch, Hendrik ( Hrsg. ), Seite 81-84 . Norrköping, Sweden , The Eurographics Association , 2010 .

The image-based representation of geometry is a well known concept in computer graphics. Due to z-buffering, the derivation of such representations using render-to-texture delivers only information of the nearest fragments. Often, transparency-based visualization techniques, e.g., ghost views, also require information of occluded fragments. These can be captured using multi-pass rendering techniques such as depth-peeling or stencil-routed A-buffers on a per-fragment basis. This paper presents an alternative rendering technique that enables the derivation image-based representations on a per-object or per-primitive level within a single rendering pass. We use a dynamic 3D texture atlas that is parameterized on a per-frame basis. Then, prior to rasterization, the primitives are transformed to their respective position within the texture atlas, using vertex-displacement in screen space.
Interactive Rendering to ... - Download
Interactive Rendering to ... - Download
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Herausgeber Seipel, Stefan; Lensch, Hendrik
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