Prof. Dr. Jürgen Döllner


Use of Depth Cues for the Annotation of 3D Geo-Virtual Environments

Maass, Stefan; Jobst, Markus; Döllner, Jürgen in 23rd International Cartographic Conference Moskow, Russia , 2007 . CD proceedings

An increasing number IT applications and systems applies 3D geo-virtual environments as user interfaces, that facilitate the intuitive communication of spatial information, whereby depth cues play an important role for mental reconstruction of the depicted scene. These applications require the integration of application-specific information, represented by annotations such as textual labels or symbols, in analogy to labeling in traditional 2D maps. This contribution presents first results on how to improve information transfer with respect to annotations used within. We found that automated annotation techniques, used in traditional 2D map presentations, if applied to 3D geo-virtual environments, can damage depth cues and, thereby, possibly harm the human perception. Illustrated by examples, we show the override of different depth cues and discuss possible solutions. Finally, we propose a number of user tests, whose results are needed to improve the quality of automatic label placement techniques in the future.
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