Prof. Dr. Jürgen Döllner

Visual Computing & Visual Analytics

The department of Computer Graphics Systems is dedicated to methods, principles, and techniques of Visual Computing and Visual Analytics, including:

  • Software Analytics - Mining, Analysis, Interpretation, and Visualization for Data about Software Systems and Software Engineering Processes
  • Geospatial Analytics - Processing, Machine Learning  and Visualization for Geospatial Data such as 3D Point Clouds
  • Image and Video Analytics - Processing, Analysis, Interpretation, and Visualization of Digital Visual Media Contents including Neural-Networks Technology
  • Real-Time 3D Rendering and Non-Photorealistic Rendering - GPU-affine Algorithms and Techniques for Processing 3D Geometric Models and Image Data
  • Information Cartography and Visualization Metaphors - Conceptual investigations about how to apply, transform, and extend cartographic methods and techniques to cope with challenges of big data information visualization using, for example, map metaphors. 

The research is centered in IT Systems Engineering and Digital Engineering and has its focus on analysis, planning and construction of complex IT systems. 

Latest News


Best Paper Award at Cyberworlds 2018

The paper "MaeSTrO: A Mobile App for Style Transfer Orchestration using Neural Networks" by Max Reimann, Mandy … > mehr


Best Paper Award at Expressive 2018

The paper "MNPR: A Framework for Real-Time Expressive Non-Photorealistic Rendering of 3D Computer Graphics" … > mehr


Presentations at Expressive and SIGGRAPH Appy Hour 2018

On August 15th 2018, Max Reimann and Amir Semmo presented the demo "MaeSTrO: Mobile-Style Transfer Orchestration Using … > mehr


Best Paper and Best Demo awards at SIGGRAPH Asia MGIA

Tobias Dürschmid, Maximilian Söchting, Amir Semmo, Matthias Trapp, and Jürgen Döllner have received the Best Paper Award … > mehr


Paper accepted for IVAPP 2018

The paper "EvoCells – A Treemap Layout Algorithm for Evolving Tree Data" by Willy Scheibel, Christopher Weyand, and Jürgen … > mehr


Presentations at Expressive and SIGGRAPH Appy Hour 2017

On July 29th 2017, Amir Semmo presented the paper "Neural Style Transfer: A Paradigm Shift for Image-based Artistic … > mehr


Contribution accepted for Appy Hour @ SIGGRAPH 2017

The contribution "Pictory: Combining Neural Style Transfer and Image Filtering" by Amir Semmo, Matthias Trapp, Jürgen … > mehr


Paper accepted for Expressive 2017

The paper "Neural Style Transfer: A Paradigm Shift for Image-based Artistic Rendering?" by Amir Semmo, Tobias Isenberg, and … > mehr


Paper accepted for iV 2017

The paper "Mixed-projection Treemaps: A novel Perspective on Treemaps" by Daniel Limberger, Willy Scheibel, Matthias Trapp, … > mehr


Paper accepted for EuroVis 2017

The paper "Hybrid-Treemaps" by Sebastian Hahn and Jürgen Döllner has been accepted as a short paper to the 19th … > mehr