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Sebastian Pasewaldt

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Research interests

  • 3D virtual city and landscape models
  • Interactive map-like 3D representations
  • Non-linear projections
  • Cognitive processing of 3D city models


MaeSTrO: Mobile-Style Transfer Orchestration Using Adaptive Neural Networks

Reimann, Max; Semmo, Amir; Pasewaldt, Sebastian; Klingbeil, Mandy; Döllner, Jürgen in Proceedings SIGGRAPH Appy Hour New York , ACM , 2018 .

We present MaeSTrO, a mobile app for image stylization that empowers users to direct, edit and perform a neural style transfer with creative control. The app uses iterative style transfer, multi-style generative and adaptive networks to compute and apply flexible yet comprehensive style models of arbitrary images at run-time. Compared to other mobile applications, MaeSTrO introduces an interactive user interface that empowers users to orchestrate style transfers in a two-stage process for an individual visual expression: first, initial semantic segmentation of a style image can be complemented by on-screen painting to direct sub-styles in a spatially-aware manner. Second, semantic masks can be virtually drawn on top of a content image to adjust neural activations within local image regions, and thus direct the transfer of learned sub-styles. This way, the general feed-forward neural style transfer is evolved towards an interactive tool that is able to consider composition variables and mechanisms of general artwork production, such as color, size and location-based filtering. MaeSTrO additionally enables users to define new styles directly on a device and synthesize high-quality images based on prior segmentations via a service-based implementation of compute-intensive iterative style transfer techniques.
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  • "Multiscale Visualization of 3D Geovirtual Environments Using View-Dependent Multi-Perspective Views" at the WSCG 2011, Plzen - Czech Republic (02/2011)
  • "Multiscale, Multi-Perspective Visualization of 3D City Models in Immersive Environments" at the opening ceremony of the 3D Lab Golm, Potsdam - Germany (06/2011)
  • "Multiperspective Visualizations of 3D Geovirtual Environments" - Joint Workshop of the HPI Research School for "Service-Oriented Systems Engineering", Cape Town - South Africa (04/2012)
  • "Towards Comprehensible Digital 3D Maps" - Symposium on Service-Oriented Mapping 2012 (SOMAP 2012), Vienna - Austria (11/2012)
  • "A Service-Oriented Platform for Interactive 3D Web Mapping" - Symposium on Service-Oriented Mapping 2012 (SOMAP 2012), Vienna - Austria (11/2012)
  • "Towards Comprehensible Service-Based 3D Maps" - HPI Symposium@SAP, Walldorf - Germany (12/2012)
  • "Potentials of and Approaches for Multi-Perspective Visualization of 3D Spatial Models", GeoViz 2013, Hamburg - Germany (03/2013)

Teaching activities

Winter term 2010/11

  • lecture "Informationsvisualisierung (informationvisualization) " (tutor)
  • course "Advanced Visualizationtechniques" (tutor)
  • pupils academy (co-lecturer)

Summer term 2011

  • lecture "Geovisualization" (tutor)

Winter term 2011/12

  • course "Realtime Rendering" (tutor)
  • pupils academy (co-lecturer)

Summer term 2012

  • course "Algorithmic Geometry" (tutor)
  • course "Geovisualization Techniques" (tutor)

Winter term 2012/13

  • course "Game Programming" (tutor)
  • course "Concepts and Techniques for 3D Visualization"
  • pupils academy (co-lecturer)

Summer term 2013

  • lecture "Geovisualization" (co-lecturer)
  • lecture "Interfaces of Geoinformation and Geocommunication" (tutor)