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Sebastian Pasewaldt

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Research interests

  • 3D virtual city and landscape models
  • Interactive map-like 3D representations
  • Non-linear projections
  • Cognitive processing of 3D city models


Challenges in User Experience Design of Image Filtering Apps

Klingbeil, Mandy; Pasewaldt, Sebastian; Semmo, Amir; Döllner, Jürgen in Proceedings SIGGRAPH ASIA Mobile Graphics and Interactive Applications (MGIA) New York , ACM , 2017 .

Photo filtering apps successfully deliver image-based stylization techniques to a broad audience, in particular in the ubiquitous domain (e.g., smartphones, tablet computers). Interacting with these inherently complex techniques has so far mostly been approached in two different ways: (1) by exposing many (technical) parameters to the user, resulting in a professional application that typically requires expert domain knowledge, or (2) by hiding the complexity via presets that only allows the application of filters but prevents creative expression thereon. In this work, we outline challenges of and present approaches for providing interactive image filtering on mobile devices, thereby focusing on how to make them usable for people in their daily life. This is discussed by the example of BeCasso, a user-centric app for assisted image stylization that targets two user groups: mobile artists and users seeking casual creativity. Through user research, qualitative and quantitative user studies, we identify and outline usability issues that showed to prevent both user groups from reaching their objectives when using the app. On the one hand, user-group-targeting has been improved by an optimized user experience design. On the other hand, multiple level of controls have been implemented to ease the interaction and hide the underlying complex technical parameters. Evaluations underline that the presented approach can increase the usability of complex image stylization techniques for mobile apps.
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  • "Multiscale Visualization of 3D Geovirtual Environments Using View-Dependent Multi-Perspective Views" at the WSCG 2011, Plzen - Czech Republic (02/2011)
  • "Multiscale, Multi-Perspective Visualization of 3D City Models in Immersive Environments" at the opening ceremony of the 3D Lab Golm, Potsdam - Germany (06/2011)
  • "Multiperspective Visualizations of 3D Geovirtual Environments" - Joint Workshop of the HPI Research School for "Service-Oriented Systems Engineering", Cape Town - South Africa (04/2012)
  • "Towards Comprehensible Digital 3D Maps" - Symposium on Service-Oriented Mapping 2012 (SOMAP 2012), Vienna - Austria (11/2012)
  • "A Service-Oriented Platform for Interactive 3D Web Mapping" - Symposium on Service-Oriented Mapping 2012 (SOMAP 2012), Vienna - Austria (11/2012)
  • "Towards Comprehensible Service-Based 3D Maps" - HPI Symposium@SAP, Walldorf - Germany (12/2012)
  • "Potentials of and Approaches for Multi-Perspective Visualization of 3D Spatial Models", GeoViz 2013, Hamburg - Germany (03/2013)

Teaching activities

Winter term 2010/11

  • lecture "Informationsvisualisierung (informationvisualization) " (tutor)
  • course "Advanced Visualizationtechniques" (tutor)
  • pupils academy (co-lecturer)

Summer term 2011

  • lecture "Geovisualization" (tutor)

Winter term 2011/12

  • course "Realtime Rendering" (tutor)
  • pupils academy (co-lecturer)

Summer term 2012

  • course "Algorithmic Geometry" (tutor)
  • course "Geovisualization Techniques" (tutor)

Winter term 2012/13

  • course "Game Programming" (tutor)
  • course "Concepts and Techniques for 3D Visualization"
  • pupils academy (co-lecturer)

Summer term 2013

  • lecture "Geovisualization" (co-lecturer)
  • lecture "Interfaces of Geoinformation and Geocommunication" (tutor)