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Dr. Matthias Trapp


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Email: matthias.trapp(at)hpi.de

Research Interests

I'm a senior researcher, principle investigator and lecturer. My research interests include the following topics:

  • GPU-based image and video processing techniques and frameworks 
  • Interactive GPU-based rendering techniques for massive spatio-temporal data
  • Focus+context visualization techniques for 3D virtual environments
  • Web-based visualization for mobility analytics
  • Interactive software maps

We also offer topics for master theses

Current Research Projects

  • PunctumTube: Analytics Platform for Digital Twins based on 3D Point Clouds
  • mdViPro: Multi-dimensional Videoprocessing 


Sensor Data Visualization for Indoor Point Clouds

Stojanovic, Vladeta; Trapp, Matthias; Hagedorn, Benjamin; Klimke, Jan; Richter, Rico; Döllner, Jürgen in 15th International Conference on Location Based Services (LBS 2019) 2019 .

Integration and analysis of real-time and historic sensor data provides important insights into the operational status of buildings. There is a need for the integration of sensor data and digital representations of the built environment for furthering stakeholder engagement within the realms of Real Estate 4.0 and Facility Management (FM), especially in a spatial representation context. In this paper, we propose a general system architecture that integrates point cloud data and sensor data for visualization and analysis. We further present a prototypical web-based implementation of that architecture and demonstrate its application for the integration and visualization of sensor data from a typical office building, with the aim to communicate and analyze occupant comfort. The empirical results obtained from our prototypical implementation demonstrate the feasibility of our approach for the provisioning of light-weight software components for the service-oriented integration of Building Information Modeling (BIM), Building Automation Systems (BASs), Integrated Workplace Management Systems (IWMSs), and future Digital Twin (DT) platforms.
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Teaching Activities

Courses at HPI (Responsible for lecturing and grading) 

  • Winter 2019/2020 (M): Visual Media Data Processing  
  • Winter 2018/2019 (B): User Interface Programming
  • Winter 2017/2018 (B): Computer Graphics I
  • Summer 2017 (M): Image & Video Processing Techniques
  • Summer 2015 (M): Introduction to Visualization
  • Winter 2014/2015 (B): Computer Graphics II
  • Winter 2013/2014 (B): Computer Graphics II
  • Summer 2013 (M): Geovisualization

Courses at HPI (Responsible for lecturing and tutoring)  

  • Summer 2012 (B): Computer Graphics I
  • Winter 2011/2012 (B): Computer Graphics II
  • Summer 2010 (B): Programming of 3D Applications
  • Winter 2009/2010 (M): Geovisualization II
  • Summer 2009 (M): Geovisualization I 
  • Summer 2008 (M): Rendering Techniques

Courses at University of Potsdam (Responsible for lecturing and tutoring)  

  • Winter 2002/2003: Operating Systems II
  • Summer 2002: Operating Systems I

Seminars at HPI (Responsible for lecturing, tutoring, and grading)

  • Winter 2019/2020 (M): Advanced Visual Media Enhacement
  • Winter 2019/2020 (B): Visual Media Enhacement
  • Summer 2019 (M): Visual Media Processing
  • Summer 2019 (B): Introduction to Visual Media Processing
  • Summer 2018 (M): Selected Topics in Video & Image Analytics
  • Winter 2017/2018 (M): Video Abstraction Techniques
  • Summer 2017 (M): Advanced Information Visualization
  • Winter 2016/2017 (M): Processing and Visualization of 3D Geodata
  • Winter 2016/2017 (B): Bildverarbeitungsalgorithmen
  • Summer 2016 (M): Image Processing - Concepts and Techniques
  • Summer 2016 (M): Methods and Techniques of Geospatial Visualization
  • Summer 2016 (B): Geoinformationstechnologien
  • Winter 2015/2016 (B): Image and Videoprocessing using OpenGL ES for Mobile Devices
  • Summer 2015 (M): Spatial Analytics
  • Winter 2014/2015 (M): Geoinformation Technologies
  • Summer 2014 (M): Information Visualization
  • Winter 2013/2014 (M): Information Visualization
  • Summer 2013 (M): Geovisualization
  • Winter 2012/2013 (M): Concepts and Techniques of 3D-Visualization
  • Summer 2011 (M): Multimedia/Graphics Libraries & Systems
  • Winter 2010/2011 (B): Game Programming
  • Summer 2010 (M): Information and Geovisualization
  • Winter 2009/2010 (B): Game Programming
  • Winter 2008/2009 (M): Focus+Context Visualization in 3D Geovirtual Environments
  • Winter 2007/2008 (B): Seminar & Lab Computer graphics Systems/VRS
  • Summer 2007 (B): Seminar & Lab Computer graphics Systems/VRS

Bachelor Students (Co-)Supervision:

  • Architectural Design and Implementation of a Web-App for Service-based Image and Video Abstraction
    Mino Böckmann, Bachelor Thesis, 2019
  • Real-Time Analytics of Video Streams
    Jakob Mache, Bachelor Thesis, 2019
  • Service-based Integration and Deployment of Video Skimming Techniques
    Robert Schröter, Bachelor Thesis, 2019
  • Service-based Integration and Deployment of Video Abstraction Techniques
    Ole Wegen, Bachelor Thesis, 2019
  • Service-based Integration and Development of Video Storyboard Technique
    Jakob Mache, Bachelor Thesis, 2019
  • Service-based Image and Video Processing Using Neural Networks
    Markus Brand, Bachelor Thesis, 2018
  • Design and Implementation of a File Format for Representation of Video Processing Pipelines
    Erik Brendel, Bachelor Thesis, 2018
  • Integration of Temporal Video Abstraction Techniques on Mobile Devices
    Anastasia Phaedra Goudoulaki-Adamopoulou, Bachelor Thesis, 2018
  • Applications of Service-based Image and Video Processing Interfaces
    Merlin de la Haye, Bachelor Thesis, 2018
  • Design and Implementation of a Documentation Service for Visual Computing Assets
    Ludwig Kitschke, Bachelor Thesis, 2018
  • Assisted Interaction Techniques for Image Editing
    Fabian Pottbäcker, Bachelor Thesis, 2018
  • A Framework for Editing and Execution of Image and Video Processing Techniques on Mobile Devices
    Tobias Dürschmid, Bachelor Thesis, 2017
  • C++ Image and Video Processing Framework for Desktop and Server Systems
    Erik Griese, Bachelor Thesis, 2017
  • GPU-accelerated Style Transfer on Mobile Devices using Feed-forward Convolutional Neural Networks
    Moritz Hilscher, Bachelor Thesis, 2017
  • Service-based Integration of Image and Video Processing Operations
    Alexander Riese, Bachelor Thesis, 2017
  • Design, Implementation and Web-based Provisioning of a Database for Image Processing Operations
    Maximilian Söchting, Bachelor Thesis, 2017
  • Parameterization of Feed-forward Neural Networks for Style Transfer on Mobile Devices
    Hendrik Tjabben, Bachelor Thesis, 2017

Master Students (Co-)Supervision:

  • Design and Implementation of a Service-based Stream-processing Component for Digital Videos
    Florian Wagner, Master Thesis, 2019
  • Design and Implementation of a SOA-based Web Application for Visualization and Interactive Exploration of Mobility Data using Reachability Maps
    Jan Silbersiepe,  Master Thesis, 2018
  • Focus+Context Visualization Techniques for Mobility Analytics
    Marc Listemann, Master Thesis, 2017
  • Network-based Reachability-Map Visualization for Web Applications and Mobile Devices
    Alexander Schoedon, Master Thesis, 2017
  • Design and Implementation of Level-of-Detail Representations for Georeferenced Thematic Data
    Jan Ole Vollmer, Master Thesis, 2016
  • Natural Phenomena as Metaphors for Visualization of Trend Data in Interactive Software Maps
    Hannes Würfel, Master Thesis, 2015
  • A GPU-based  rendering Technique for Interactive Video Deformation
    Benjamin-Heinz Meier, Master Thesis, 2015
  • Interactive Rendering Techniques for Focus+Context Visualization of virtual 3D Indoor Models
    Alessandro Florio, Master Thesis, 2014
  • Concepts and Rendering Techniques for Level-of-Abstraction Transitions of 3D Geovirtual Environments
    Amir Semmo, Master Thesis, 2011
  • Generalization of Street Networks as Strategy to Reduce Cognitive Efforts in Map Reading
    Daryna Bronnykova, Master Thesis, 2011
  • View-dependent Global Deformations, for 3D Geovirtual Environments of Virtual 3D Landscape and City Models
    Sebastian Pasewaldt, Master Thesis, 2010
  • Rendering von generalisierter Tiefenschärfe in interaktiven 3D virtuellen Umgebungen
    Christian Beesk, Master Thesis, 2010
  • Generierung und Parametrisierung von 3D-Gebäudegeometrienin virtuellen 3D-Stadtmodellen
    Mathias Pietsch, Diploma Thesis, 2007

Bachelor's Projects (Co-)Supervision:

  • 2018/2019: Smart Image & Video Abstraction
    Mino Böckmann, Jakob Mache, Robert Schröter, Ole Wegen, Jakob Wischner
  • 2017/2018: Analysis, Compactification, and Stylization of Videos
    Erik Brendel, Markus Brand, Merlin de la Haye, Pheadra Goulouaki, Ludwig Kitschke, Julian Müller, Fabian Pottbäcker
  • 2016/2017: Image-Based and Temporal Video Abstraction
    Tobias Dürschmid, Erik Griese, Moritz Hilscher, Alexander Riese, Maximilian Söchting, Hendrik Tjabben

Master's Projects (Co-)Supervision:

  • Summer 2019: Visual Analytics - Blocking Offensive Contents
    Moritz Hilscher, Hendrik Raetz, Hendrik Tjabben
  • Winter 2015: Deep Learning for Smart Video: Using Mass Knowledge for the Automatic Stylization of Images and Videos
    Anne Gropler, Alexander Lehmann, Leander Neiß, Max Reimann, Jan Ole Vollmer
  • Summer 2015: Smart Video: Automatic video summarization and adaptive parametrization
    Karsten Tausche, Astrid Thomschke, Christian Würz
  • Winter 2014: Service-based Architecture and Infrastructure for Video Processing
    Robin Schreiber, Christoph Sterz, Wieland Hagen, Kirstin Heidler
  • Summer 2014: Video Analysis, Abstraction, and Summarization
    Jaeyoon Jung, Benjamin-Heinz Meier, Lisa Pfisterer
  • Winter 2013: Semantic Analysis und Classification of Digital Image Streams
    Elina Zarisheva, Markus Hinsche, Marcel Pursche, Hannes Würfel, Christoph Oehlke, Maximilian Schneider

PhD Students Mentoring:

  • Sumit Shekhar, Real-time Image and Video Analytics
  • Andreas Fricke, Concept and Techniques for Processing Multidimensional Geospatial Data
  • Willy Scheibel, Understanding Evolution of Hierarchies using Space-restricted Visualizations
  • Vladeta Stojanovic, Interactive Visualization for Building Lifecycle Management using BIM
  • Jan Ole Vollmer, Tools and Techniuqes for Visualization of High-dimensional Data

Professional Activities

Peer-Reviewing Activities for Journals:

Peer-Reviewing Activities for Conferences:

  • Annual Conference of the European Association for Computer Graphics (EG): 2012, 2017
  • EG/VGTC Conference on Visualization (EuroVis): 2014
  • IEEE Information Visualization (Vis): 2009
  • Symposium on Service-Oriented Mapping (SOMAP): 2012
  • ACM International Conference on 3D Web Technology (Web3D): 2014
  • International Conference on Computer Graphics, Visualization and Computer Vision (WSCG): 2011, 2012, 2013, 2016, 


Other Activities:

  • Conference Session Chair (Rendering), GRAPP 2009/2015

Conference Talks





  • Integration von Fachinformationen in 3D-Darstellungen, Xinnovations 2011, E-City Forum, September, Berlin/Germany
  • Colonia3D, Kultur und Informatik - Multimediale Systeme, May 2011, Berlin/Germany






Invited Talks

Awards & Miscellaneous

  • Best Paper Award, Web3D 2019 Conference, Classification of Indoor Point Clouds Using Multiviews
  • Best Paper Award, Cyberworlds 2018 Conference, MaeSTrO: A Mobile App for Style Transfer Orchestration using Neural Networks
  • Best Paper Award, Symposium of Mobile Graphics and Applications, SIGGRAPH Asia Conference 2017, ProsumerFX: Mobile Design of Image Stylization Components
  • Cover Image Selection, Proceedings of TPCG 2013
  • Cover Image Selection, International Journal of Heritage in the Digital Era, vol. 1, no. 1, 2012.
  • Cover Image Selection, gis.SCIENCE Journal, vol. 25, no. 1, 2012
  • Best Paper Award, EuroMed 2010 Conference, Communication of Digital Cultural Heritage in Public Spaces by the Example of Roman Cologne
  • Best Paper Selection, LBS & Telecartography Conference 2009, Strategies for Visualizing Points-of-Interest of 3D Virtual Environments on Mobile Devices
  • Best Paper Award, AGILE 2008 Conference 2008, Interactive Multi-Perspective Views of Virtual 3D Landscape and City Models
  • Best Paper Selection, GRAPP 2008 Conference, Generalization Approach for 3D Viewing Deformations of Single-Center Projections