Prof. Dr. Jürgen Döllner

Project Overview

Lenne3D (www.lenne3d.de) was a joint project, initiated by Philip Paar and Dr. Werner at the ZALF (Müncheberg, Germany) together with Prof. Deussen (Univ. Konstanz), Prof. Hege (Zuse Institut Berlin), and Prof. Döllner (HPI, Potsdam).

As most important results, new 3D modeling, rendering, and interaction techniques have been developed to cope with complex, vegetation-based virtual 3D landscapes.

System Architecture

In the context of Lenne3D project, the HPI was responsible for developing the system architecture, which is illustrated below. HPI deployed the LandXplorer system platform of 3D Geo as authoring system for virtual 3D landscapes.


System architecture of the Lenne3D system.

Interactive 3D Presentation of the Lost Italian Garden

The Lost Italian Garden of Park Sanssouci Potsdam, Germany, has been used as one driving use case within Lenne3D. At a public exhibition, visitors could experience the garden, which disappeared more than one hundred years ago.


The reconstruction has been based on historic 2D park plans and the Lenne3D library, which contains a large collection of high quality botanical 3D plant models.