Prof. Dr. Jürgen Döllner


MNPR: A Framework for Real-Time Expressive Non-Photorealistic Rendering of 3D Computer Graphics

Montesdeoca, Santiago; Seah, Hock Soon; Semmo, Amir; Bénard, Pierre; Vergne, Romain; Thollot, Joëlle; Benvenuti, Davide in Proceedings of the Joint Symposium on Computational Aesthetics, Sketch-Based Interfaces and Modeling, and Non-Photorealistic Animation and Rendering (Expressive) Aydın, Tunc; Sýkora, Daniel ( Hrsg. ), New York , ACM , 2018 .

We propose a framework for expressive non-photorealistic rendering of 3D computer graphics. Our work focuses on enabling stylization pipelines with a wide range of control, thereby covering the interaction spectrum with real-time feedback. In addition, we introduce control semantics that allow cross-stylistic art-direction, which is demonstrated through our implemented watercolor, oil and charcoal stylizations. Our generalized control semantics and their style-specific mappings are designed to be extrapolated to other styles, by adhering to the same control scheme. We then share our implementation details by breaking down the framework and elaborating on its inner workings. Finally, we evaluate the usefulness of each level of control through a user study involving 20 experienced artists and engineers in the industry, who have collectively spent over 245 hours using our system. Our framework is implemented in Autodesk Maya and open-sourced through this publication, to facilitate adoption by artists and further development by the expressive research and development community.
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Herausgeber Aydın, Tunc; Sýkora, Daniel
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