Prof. Dr. Jürgen Döllner


Integrated Multiresolution Modeling of Terrain Geometry and Terrain Texture Data

Döllner, ; Jürgen, in IMAGE 2000 Conference Scottsdale, Arizona , 2000 .

The increasing capabilities of today's 3D graphics hardware raise the question how visualization software can take actually advantage of these developments. In this paper, an approach for integrating multiresolution representations of terrain geometry and terrain texture is presented which provides high image quality and high rendering speed focussing on PC graphics hardware. A terrain is modeled by a regular grid which can be partially refined by local TINs in order to represent morphologically complex terrain parts. The multiresolution model for texture data of a terrain and the multiresolution model for its geometry data are closely related: The rendering algorithm selects geometry terrain patches based on a criterion which takes into account geometry and texture approximation errors. Multiple texture hierarchies, which may represent different thematic information layers, can be bound to a terrain model and rendered using multitexturing. For example, the terrain shading can be provided by a pre-calculated shading texture which permits the implementation of different shading schemes and improves visual quality compared to a geometry-based shading.
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