Prof. Dr. Jürgen Döllner


Interactive GPU-based Image Deformation for Mobile Devices

Vollmer, Jan Ole; Trapp, Matthias; Döllner, Jürgen in Computer Graphics and Visual Computing (CGVC) The Eurographics Association , 2016 .

Interactive image deformation is an important feature of modern image processing pipelines. It is often used to create caricatures and animation for input images, especially photos. State-of-the-art image deformation techniques are based on transforming vertices of a mesh, which is textured by the input image, using affine transformations such as translation, and scaling. However, the resulting visual quality of the output image depends on the geometric resolution of the mesh. Performing these transformations on the CPU often further inhibits performance and quality. This is especially problematic on mobile devices where the limited computational power reduces the maximum achievable quality. To overcome these issue, we propose the concept of an intermediate deformation buffer that stores deformation information at a resolution independent of the mesh resolution. This allows the combination of a high-resolution buffer with a low-resolution mesh for interactive preview, as well as a high-resolution mesh to export the final image. Further, we present a fully GPU-based implementation of this concept, taking advantage of modern OpenGL ES features, such as compute shaders.
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