Prof. Dr. Jürgen Döllner


Towards Advanced and Interactive Web Perspective View Services

Hagedorn, Benjamin; Hildebrandt, Dieter; Döllner, Jürgen in Developments in 3D Geo-Information Sciences Seite 33--51 . Springer , 2009 .

The Web Perspective View Service (WPVS) generates 2D images of perspective views of 3D geovirtual environments (e.g., virtual 3D city models) and represents one fundamental class of portrayal services. As key advantage, this image-based approach can be deployed across arbitrary networks due to server-side 3D rendering and 3D model management. However, restricted visualization and interaction capabilities of WPVS-based applications represent its main weaknesses. To overcome these limitations, we present the concept and an implementation of the WPVS++, a WPVS extension, which provides A) additional thematic information layers for generated images and B) additional service operations for requesting spatial and thematic information. Based on these functional extensions, WPVS++ clients can implement various 3D visualization and interaction features without changing the underlying working principle, which leads to an increased degree of interactivity and is demonstrated by prototypic web-based client applications.
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