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Fei-Fei Li


Visual Diagnostics for Design Thinking Teams II (HPI)

PI: Prof. Ulrich Weinberg, Dr. Claudia Nicolai Abstract For the upcoming research year 2015/2016 we propose to deploy the … > mehr

Human Technology Teamwork: Enabling clinicians to focus on complex design thinking tasks through advances in IT systems engineering (Stanford)

PI: David Pickham, Lauren A. Shluzas, PhD Abstract There is an urgent need within hospitals to reduce the amount of … > mehr

Visual Diagnostics for Design Thinking Teams III (HPI)

PI: Dr. Claudia Nicolai, Prof. Ulrich Weinberg Abstract Over the last two years, we have developed and refined two … > mehr

Measuring Creative Collaboration - Evaluating Design Thinking Methods

PI: Dr. Claudia Nicolai, Professor Ulrich Weinberg Abstract In the past research years we have gained a deep … > mehr