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Greetings from the Program Directors

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Dear attendees of the inaugural HPDTRP Community Building Workshop,

A very warm welcome to all of you! We are delighted to have you with us for this first HPDTRP community building workshop. The presentation of your newly launched research projects and the time spent in discussions at this workshop are a milestone of the newly established Hasso Plattner Design Thinking Research Program.

There can be no doubt about the importance of the research that brings us together here in Potsdam. The rigorous academic study of design thinking, its preconditions, best practices, tools, applications, and results is necessary in order to bring next generation innovation to our society. User-friendly solutions, brought about by cross-disciplinary cooperation among scientists and designers will be the key to creating a more attractive living environment for the future.

In addition to excellent and highly innovative research, however, it is a distinct desire of our benefactor Hasso Plattner and the Program Directors to also build a powerful international design thinking research community with strong internal research links and communication networks. One of the goals of this first HPDTRP Community Building workshop is the establishment of ties between design thinking researchers at both Stanford University and HPI, and ultimately also with those at other academic institutions across the world. We begin the process of establishing design thinking as an academic discipline in its own right.

We look forward to your presentations and lively discussion about the wealth of issues surrounding design thinking and its efficacy.

With best regards,

Prof. Dr. Christoph Meinel, Program Director, Hasso Plattner Institute
Prof. Larry Leifer, PhD, Program Director, Stanford University