Hasso-Plattner-InstitutSDG am HPI
Hasso-Plattner-InstitutDSG am HPI

Future SOC Lab (Service-Oriented Computing)

The Future SOC Lab is the place for scientific exchange in the areas of In-Memory Computing, Cloud Computing, and non-CPU (GPU, FPGA) Computing. The Lab provides IT resources free of charge to conduct research activities. It supports diverse topics within a heterogeneous IT landscape and aims at enabling and promoting exchange between the research community and industry.

In 2020 we celebrated 10 years Future SOC Lab. Here is the event review.


Let's introduce the Lab with a video

Call for Proposals

Submission Deadline: November 16, 2021

Utilization Request for IT resources

In the semi-annual Call for Projects the submission of project proposals is possible. If access to resources is still required for an ongoing project, a new project proposal can be submitted. 

The HPI Future SOC Lab’s Steering Committee, which comprises representatives of HPI and the industry partners, will decide about the approval of your project proposals. This will be done during the Future SOC Lab Day.

Project Steps

Step 1: Submit Project Proposal

Submit Project Proposal

You can submit a project proposal for the next period via this form. All relevant information you can find on the Call for Proposals page. Project proposals can be handed in for new projects as well as for renewed access to infrastructure.

Step 2: Receive Decision

Receive Decision

During the HPI Future SOC Lab Day, the Steering Committee, which comprises representatives from HPI and industry partners, decides wheter a project will be approved or rejected.

Step 3: Get access to Ressources

Access IT landscape free of charge

Approved projects are granted access to resources until the next HPI Future SOC Lab Day (about 6 months).

Step 4: Document your results

Document Project Results

At the end of the project period, a final report and a poster on the research activities must be submitted. The templates and guidelines are here.

Step 5: Visit the HPI Future SOC Lab Day

Attend to the Future SOC Lab Day

Gain insights into the latest research questions and trends in IT companys. Register free of charge and get the opportunity to exchange with researchers and industry representatives.

Project Steps

Upcoming Dates

Projects of the last 10 years






Project and Industry Partners

Connection of partners from research institutions and industry.
Project and Industry Partners of the Future SOC Lab

The Future SOC Lab Team

The Lab is managed mainly by three employees who aim to provide you with the most suitable infrastructure. During the week, they are glad to support you with the use of IT resources. Please send us an email to futuresoc-lab(at)hpi.de.



Ayleen Oswald
Do you have questions about the Future SOC Lab? Ayleen Oswald consults the HPI Future SOC Lab and will answer to everything regarding strategy, industry partners and projects, processes, marketing and more.
Bernhard Rabe and Tobias Pape
Do you have questions about IT resources assigned to you? Or do you need advice on how to optimize the use of the Lab? Bernhard Rabe and Tobias Pape will answer questions to IT equipment and administration.