Kick-off event and registration:

  • Do I have to register for the kick-off event? No, you don’t. You can come without any registration to the event at the HPI lecture hall 1.
  • Do I have to register for the BPC? Yes, you do. Every team has to register per e-mail until 24 April. Further important registration information you can find under “BPC Roadmap 2016”.
  • What does “HPI related” exactly mean? Someone is related to the HPI in the following cases: HPI student, HPI PhD, HPI alumni, HPI staff, D-School basic track or D-School advanced track participant.
  • Is it possible to take part at the BPC as a single person, without additional team members? No, it is not. You have to be a team with at least two members. However, get in contact with us. We will try to help you to find team members.

Feedback sessions

  • Do we have to present in the feedback session? No, you don’t. You have to hand in your presentation one week before the feedback session is going to take place. Based on these information we will give you feedback and ask questions.
  • Can I join the BPC in phase ll or phase lll? No, you can’t. You have to apply for the whole BPC and will pass through the different stages. Whereby, only the 10 best teams are going to participate in phase ll and lll.
  • What are the selection criteria of the top-10-teams, which can participate in phase ll and lll? Our experienced coaches are going to select the 10 best teams after the first phase. Thereby, the potential of the business idea and the team are of great importance.

Finals and price

  • When is the final going to be? The final will be in September. As soon as possible we are going to announce the exact date.
  • Does the winning team have to accept the HPI Seed Fund investment proposal? No, it doesn’t. The HPI Seed Fund is going to submit an offer. Nevertheless, it is up to the winning team to accept it or not.
  • Do non-HPI-team-members of the winning team also get a HPI scholarship? Yes, they do. Up to three team members are going to get a HPI scholarship for one year.