Software is everywhere and enterprises depend on mission-critical software. Seerene* provides revolutionary insights and analytics into mission-critical software to help enterprises, IT services companies and regulators gain actionable insights into code, applications and teams. Seerene connects to existing data sources within an enterprise, aggregates the information and offers an x-ray vision into applications, code and teams. It enables CIO’s to make accurate decisions and drive change – across all software stacks and technologies, delivered via SaaS. Seerene also helps IT Services companies to offer a new level of transparency at customer projects – resulting in faster delivery, better software and increased customer satisfaction.

Companies use seereneTM to gain insights into existing applications and teams, efficiency improvement, legacy modernization, vendor steering and risk mitigation. Seerene clients include SAP, IBM, Adidas, Mercedes Benz, The Generali Group and other global Fortune 1000 companies.


*formerly Software Diagnostics