Alumni events at HPI


Our invitation to the annual summer festival is lnked to the homecoming for our alumni on campus: Who registers gets a ticket and tokens to enjoy the festival catering. At the alumni biergarden alumni can meet for a chat about the old times and what's new.

Graduation ceremony

At the end of each summer semester we hold a graduation ceremony, inspired by the Anglo-american tradition. About 100 graduates in black robes throw their baretts into the sky - a long awaited moment and an unforgettable experience for the new alumni! For the fresh graduates and "their“ HPI this marks the beginning of a constant and life-long partnership.

HPI Alumni meet...

The after-work-format "HPI Alumni meet ..." alumni are both hosts and guests: Founders and excecutive staff from Berlin and Potsdam invite into their business facilities. On site they inform about business areas, job vacancies, and career opportunities. In a casual atmosphere after finishing work career networks are easily built!

Evening lecture

At the evening lecture HPI Alumni present themselves to current students: Presenters talk about how they have developed their career after entering into the job market. This gives students the opportunity to think about their own professional future.

The HPI Alumni Office keeps the alumni informed about current events.