HPI Digital Health Center

Harry Freitas da Cruz, MBA

Research Assistant, PhD Candidate

  Phone: +49 (331) 5509-1313
  Fax: +49 (331) 5509-579
  Email: Harry.FreitasDaCruz(at)hpi.de
  Room: G2.2.16 (Campus III)


Research Topics


  • Konak, O., Freitas Da Cruz, H., Thiele, M., Golla, D., Schapranow, M.-P.: An Information and Communication Platform Supporting Analytics for Elderly Care. 5th International Conference on Information for Ageing Well, Communication Technologies e Health (2019).
  • Freitas da Cruz, H., Schneider, F., Schapranow, M.-P.: Prediction of Acute Kidney Injury in Cardiac Surgery Patients: Interpretation using Local Interpretable Model-Agnostic Explanations. Proceedings of 12th International Joint Conference on Health Informatics (2019).
  • Freitas da Cruz, H., Horschig, S., Nusshag, C., Schapranow, M.-P.: Prediction of Patient Outcomes after Renal Replacement Therapy in Intensive Care. Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Informatics and Assistive Technologies for Health-Care, Medical Support and Wellbeing (2018).
  • Freitas da Cruz, H., Gebhardt, M., Becher, F., Schapranow, M.-P.: Interactive Data Exploration Supporting Elderly Care Planning. Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on eHealth, Telemedicine, and Social Medicine (2018).
  • Freitas da Cruz, H., Grasnick, B., Dinger, H., Bier, F., Meinel, C.: Early Detection of Acute Kidney Injury with Bayesian Networks. Proceedings of the 7th International Symposium on Semantic Mining in Biomedicine. pp. 29-36 (2016).
  • Dobkwicz, M., Jüttner, T., Freitas da Cruz, H., Heidtke, K., Finkenwirth, T., Kunze, S., Hänold, S., Nwankwo, I., Forgó, N., Schröder, C., Graf, N.: Implementation and Demonstration of the p-BioSPRE Metabiobank Platform. Demo at the 15th World Congress on Health and Biomedical Informatics (2015).