HPI Digital Health Center

Gene Regulation and Transcriptomic Characterization

Layal Abo-Khayal

The Next Generation Sequencing technologies has spread widely during the last years. With the massive throughput of the NGS, many doors were opened for the genetics researches. Therefore developing more algorithms and tools are required to analyse the NGS data and to provide comprehensible results can be interactively produced by the non-bioinformatics researchers.

  • We designed an integrated workflow for the RNAseq data analysis, that introduce several codes for RNA-Seq quality control, and Establishing a comprehensive framework for differential gene expression analysis, that produces descriptive outputs and facilitates the biological interpretation of the experiment.
  • We are developing an comprehensive platform for the genomics and proteomics analysis of the System Medicine in the Heart failure data.
  • We are developing a tool for the alternative splicing and differential exon usage.
  • We developed an algorithm to predict the function of the long non-coding RNA, and we are aiming to develop a web application based on this algorithm.