HPI Digital Health Cluster

Summer Term 2020

TIMETABLE for summer semester 2020. Additions or short-notice changes may occur.


Please Note: Due to the Corona pandemic, all events and classes at the University of Potsdam/HPI will be postponed until 04/20/20.
Most courses will be held in a digital format (as long as necessary). Check the courses for the different solutions, we will update all course informations as soon as possible.


Mandatory Courses Digital Health (2nd Semester)

Courses Specialization Areas

Master Projects SS2020

  • FG Arnrich What Can Your Smartwatch Tell You About Your Mental Health?
  • FG Böttinger App-based N-of-1 trials in a clinically-relevant context for personalizing digital health interventions
  • FG Lippert Medical Imaging Model Zoo


Bachelor Project (started in WS 19/20)