Prof. Dr. Jürgen Döllner


Paper accepted for Web3D 2017

The paper "Progressive High-Quality Rendering for Interactive Information Cartography using WebGL" by Daniel Limberger, Marcel Pursche, Jan Klimke, and Jürgen Döllner has been accepted as a contribution to the  International Conference on 3D Web Technology 2017 (Web3D 2017). The conference will be held in Brisbane, Australia from the 5th to 7th of June.



Information cartography services provided via web-based clients using real-time rendering do not always necessitate a continuous stream of updates in the visual display. This paper shows how progressive rendering by means of multi-frame sampling and frame accumulation can introduce high-quality visual effects using robust and straightforward implementations. For it, (1) a suitable rendering loop is described, (2) WebGL limitations are discussed, and (3) an adaption of THREE.js featuring progressive anti-aliasing, screen-space ambient occlusion, and depth of field is detailed. Furthermore, sampling strategies are discussed and rendering performance is evaluated, emphasizing the low per-frame costs of this approach.