Prof. Dr. Jürgen Döllner


Towards Comprehensible Digital 3D Maps

Pasewaldt, Sebastian; Semmo, Amir; Trapp, Matthias; Döllner, Jürgen in Service-Oriented Mapping 2012 (SOMAP2012) Jobst, Markus ( Eds. ), page 261-276 . Internation Cartographic Association , Jobstmedia Management Verlag, Wien , 2012 .

Digital mapping services have become fundamental tools in economy and society to provide domain experts and non-experts with customized, multi-layered map contents. In particular because of the continuous advancements in the acquisition, provision, and visualization of virtual 3D city and landscape models, 3D mapping services, today, represent key components to a growing number of applications, like car navigation, education, or disaster management. However, current systems and applications providing digital 3D maps are faced by drawbacks and limitations, such as occlusion, visual clutter, or insufficient use of screen space, that impact an effective comprehension of geoinformation. To this end, cartographers and computer graphics engineers developed design guidelines, rendering and visualization techniques that aim to increase the effectiveness and expressiveness of digital 3D maps, but whose seamless combination has yet to be achieved. This work discusses potentials of digital 3D maps that are based on combining cartography-oriented rendering techniques and multi-perspective views. For this purpose, a classification of cartographic design principles, visualization techniques, as well as suitable combinations are identified that aid comprehension of digital 3D maps. According to this classification, a prototypical implementation demonstrates the benefits of multi-perspective and non-photorealistic rendering techniques for visualization of 3D map contents. In particular, it enables (1) a seamless combination of cartography-oriented and photorealistic graphic styles while (2) increasing screen-space utilization, and (3) simultaneously directing a viewer’s gaze to important or prioritized information.
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Editor(s) Jobst, Markus
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