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Research Interests

  • Visual Software Analytics
  • Service-based 3D Visualization
  • Geovisualization
  • Sensor Data Visualization and Analytics
  • Urban Analytics




Scalable Multi-Platform Distribution of Spatial 3D Contents

Klimke, Jan; Hagedorn, Benjamin; Döllner, Jürgen in International Journal of 3-D Information Modeling 2014 .

Virtual 3D city models provide powerful user interfaces for communication of 2D and 3D geoinformation. Providing high quality visualization of massive 3D geoinformation in a scalable, fast, and cost efficient manner is still a challenging task. Especially for mobile and web-based system environments, software and hardware configurations of target systems differ significantly. This makes it hard to provide fast, visually appealing renderings of 3D data throughout a variety of platforms and devices. Current mobile or web-based solutions for 3D visualization usually require raw 3D scene data such as triangle meshes together with textures delivered from server to client, what makes them strongly limited in terms of size and complexity of the models they can handle. This paper introduces a new approach for provisioning of massive, virtual 3D city models on different platforms namely web browsers, smartphones or tablets, by means of an interactive map assembled from artificial oblique image tiles. The key concept is to synthesize such images of a virtual 3D city model by a 3D rendering service in a preprocessing step. This service encapsulates model handling and 3D rendering techniques for high quality visualization of massive 3D models. By generating image tiles using this service, the 3D rendering process is shifted from the client side, which provides major advantages: a The complexity of the 3D city model data is decoupled from data transfer complexity b the implementation of client applications is simplified significantly as 3D rendering is encapsulated on server side c 3D city models can be easily deployed for and used by a large number of concurrent users, leading to a high degree of scalability of the overall approach. All core 3D rendering techniques are performed on a dedicated 3D rendering server, and thin-client applications can be compactly implemented for various devices and platforms.
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Scalable Multi-Platform D... - Download
Scalable Multi-Platform D... - Download
Scalable Multi-Platform D... - Download
Scalable Multi-Platform D... - Download
Scalable Multi-Platform D... - Download
Scalable Multi-Platform D... - Download
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Winter Term 2009/2010

Summer Term 2010

  • Lecture assistance "Programming of 3D-Applications"
  • Tutor seminar "Information- and Geovisualization"
  • Tutorial course "Introduction to C++"

Winter Term 2010 / 2011

  • Tutor seminar Gameprogramming

Sommersemester 2011

  • Bachelor project "Service-based 3D Geovisualization on mobile Devices"

Wintersemester 2011 / 2012:

  • Tutor seminar Gameprogramming

Summer Term 2012

  • Bachelor project "Mobile 3D Apps"

Summer Term 2013

  • Bachelor Project "Service-based information rich 3D City Models"

Winter Term 2015/2016

  • Seminar tutor "Spatial Data / Spatio Temporal Data" 

Summer Term 2016

  • Seminar tutor "Introduction to Visual Analytics"
  • Master Project "Sensor Data Analytics"

Master's Theses

  • "An Approach for automatic Selection of Best Views for virtual 3D City Models", Marit Möller, 2013
  • "Service-based Generation of Video Sequences for virtual 3D City Models", Marika Marszalkowski, 2014
  • "Level of Detail Techniques for Service-based Rendering of 3D City Models", Marcel Pursche, 2015
  • "A System for Streaming-based Visualization of Massive Virtual 3D City Models based on WebGL",Simon Völcker, 2015
  • "A Framework for Thematic Visualization in Service-Based Virtual 3D City Models", Roman Preuss

Further Activities

  • Member of SIG3D, Standardization of CityGML within OGC CityGML