Prof. Dr. Jürgen Döllner


Illustrative Visualization of 3D City Models

Döllner, Jürgen; Buchholz, Henrik; Nienhaus, Marc; Kirsch, Florian in Visualization and Data Analysis Erbacher, Robert F.; Roberts, Jonathan C.and Gröhn; Börner, Katy ( Eds. ), volume   5669   of   Proceedings of the SPIE 5669 , page 42--51 . International Society for Optical Engine (SPIE) , 2005 .

This paper presents an illustrative visualization technique that provides expressive representations of large-scale 3D city models, inspired by the tradition of artistic and cartographic visualizations typically found in bird’s-eye view and panoramic maps. We define a collection of city model components and a real-time multi-pass rendering algorithm that achieves comprehensible, abstract 3D city model depictions based on edge enhancement, color-based and shadow-based depth cues, and procedural facade texturing. Illustrative visualization provides an effective visual interface to urban spatial information and associated thematic information complementing visual interfaces based on the Virtual Reality paradigm, offering a huge potential for graphics design. Primary application areas include city and landscape planning, cartoon worlds in computer games, and tourist information systems.
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Editor(s) Erbacher, Robert F.; Roberts, Jonathan C.and Gröhn; Börner, Katy
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