Prof. Dr. Jürgen Döllner


Smart Navigation Strategies for Virtual Landscapes

Buchholz, Henrik; Bohnet, Johannes; Döllner, Jürgen in Trends in Real-time Visualization and Participation. Proceedings at Anhalt University of Applied Sciences Buhmann, E.; Paar, P.; Bishop, I.D.; Lange, E. ( Eds. ), page 124--131 . Wichmann , 2005 .

Navigation is a key factor for user acceptance of virtual 3D landscapes. Existing geovirtual environments (GeoVEs) frequently suffer from the lack of a proper handling and prevention of confusing or disorientating situations. As FUHRMANN & MACEACHREN (2001) point out, “core problems for users of these desktop GeoVEs are to navigate through, and remain oriented in, the display space and to relate that display space to the geographic space it depicts.” This paper proposes smart navigation strategies, which overcome these problems and give additional features to landscape designers for user guidance: 1) Smart navigation strategies interpret user interaction regarding the current view specification, i.e., the parameters of the virtual camera, and determine if the user is about to get into confusing or disorienting situations in an anticipatory way. 2) They guide the user away from situations where usual navigation behavior tends to fail. 3) They always indicate to the user when the guidance mechanism is operating, so that the user understands the behavior of the smart navigation strategy. 4) They allow for constraining the camera according to data quality and the emphasis given to certain parts of the virtual landscape. With smart navigation strategies we aim to achieve a higher user acceptance for virtual landscape applications. Particularly, smart navigation strategies facilitate the use of visualization applications for inexperienced users without the need for a specific training.
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Editor(s) Buhmann, E.; Paar, P.; Bishop, I.D.; Lange, E.
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