Prof. Dr. Jürgen Döllner


A Service-Oriented Platform for Interactive 3D Web Mapping

Klimke, Jan; Hagedorn, Benjamin; Döllner, Jürgen in Proceedings of the Symposium of Service-oriented Mapping 2012 .

Design, implementation, and operation of interactive 3D map services are faced with a large number of challenges including (a) processing and integration of massive amounts of heterogeneous and distributed 2D and 3D geodata such as terrain models, buildings models, and thematic georeferenced data, (b) assembling, styling, and rendering 3D map contents according to application requirements and design principles, and (c) interactive provisioning of created 3D maps on mobile devices and thin clients as well as their integration as third-party components into domain-specific web and information systems. This paper discusses concept and implementation of a service-oriented platform that addresses these major requirements of 3D web mapping systems. It is based on a separation of concerns for data management, 3D rendering, application logic, and user interaction. The main idea is to divide 3D rendering process into two stages. In the first stage, at the server side, we construct an image-based, omni-directional approximation of the 3D scene by means of multi-layered virtual 3D panoramas, in the second stage, at the client side, we interactively reconstruct the 3D scene based on the panorama. We demonstrate the prototype implementation for real-time 3D rendering service and related iOS 3D client applications. In our case study, we show how to interactively visualize a complex, large-scale 3D city model based on our service-oriented platform.
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