Prof. Dr. Jürgen Döllner


Interactive Areal Annotations for 3D Treemaps of Large-Scale Software Systems

Lehmann, Christine; Trümper, Jonas; Döllner, Jürgen in Proceedings (CD-ROM) of the Workshop on Geovisualization 2011 .

Exploration of large-scale software systems typically poses a challenge to human mind and perception. Among other approaches to this challenge, visualizing such tree-structured data using treemaps is a common solution. Especially three-dimensional treemaps enable intuitive exploration through a large-scale software system using the landscape metaphor for navigation. Annotations of treemap nodes contribute essential semantic information, e.g., class or method names. However, textual annotations in three-dimensional environments typically suffer from ambiguousness, illegibility and instability. In this paper, we propose an interactive labeling algorithm suitable for 3D areal annotation of large-scale software systems that are visualized using three-dimensional treemaps. We demonstrate how the algorithm generates an unambiguous and stable layout with respect to legibility using 3D treemaps of a software visualization tool that visualizes the hierarchical structure of a large software system, e.g., Google Chromium.
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