Here you can find an overview of former members of the Design Thinking Research Program.


Gregor Berg

Gregor Berg. Gregor Berg is a Ph.D. candidate at the chair of System Analysis and Modeling of Prof. … > more

Justus Broß

Justus Broß. Justus Bross, M.Sc. & MBE, 1979, is a doctoral candidate at the Hasso-Plattner … > more

Oliver Böckmann

Oliver Böckmann. Oliver completed his bachelor's and master's degree in IT Systems Engineering at … > more

Damien Cassou

Damien Cassou. Damien Cassou is a postdoc working in the HPI's Software Architecture research group, … > more

Rebecca Currano

Rebecca Currano. Becky hails from Maryland, a lovely East Coast state situated halfway between … > more

Mathias Domschke

Mathias Domschke. Mathias Domschke is a Ph.D. candidate and research assistant at the chair of Prof. … > more

Steven Dow

Steven Dow. Steven Dow is a Postdoctoral Scholar working in the HCI Group at Stanford University, … > more

Jonathan Edelman

Jonathan Edelman. Jonathan Edelman is currently a PhD Candidate at Stanford University's Center for … > more

Dr. Karin-Irene Eiermann

Dr. Karin-Irene Eiermann. In her first life, Irene studied business administration, economics, and … > more

Shameek Ganguly

Shameek Ganguly. Shameek is a Research Assistant at the Center for Design Research, Stanford … > more

Lutz Gericke

Lutz Gericke. Lutz Gericke has been a student at the Hasso-Plattner institute since 2005. In 2008, … > more

Shelley Goldman

Shelley Goldman. Shelley Goldman is a professor at Stanford University’s School of Education. She is … > more

Andreas Groß

Andreas Groß. Andreas Groß graduated from the University of Rostock with a graduate degree  (Diplom) … > more

Raja Gumienny

Raja Gumienny. Raja studied "Technical Communication" (communication and computer science) at Aachen … > more

Prof. Pamela Hinds, PhD

Prof. Pamela Hinds, PhD. Pamela J. Hinds is an Associate Professor and Co-Director of the Center on … > more

Franziska Häger

Franziska Häger. Franziska is affiliated with the research group "Enterprise Platform and     … > more

Danjela Hüsam

Danjela Hüsam. Danjela studied Industrial Design and Interior Architecture in Hildesheim and … > more

Birgit Jobst

Birgit Jobst. Birgit Jobst studied Industrial Design at the Berlin University of Arts, … > more

Malte Jung

Malte Jung. As a Ph.D. student at the Center for Design Research, Malte is exploring the role of … > more

Prof. Riitta Katila, PhD

Prof. Riitta Katila, PhD. Riitta Katila is an Associate Professor of Management Science & … > more

Thomas Kowark

Thomas Kowark. Thomas is a member of the HPI research school on "Service-oriented Systems … > more

Jens Krüger

Jens Krüger. Jens Krueger first studied Business Administration at the School of Business & … > more

Sabine Lang, PhD

Sabine Lang, PhD. Sabine pursued an M.A. in American Studies, Political Science and Art History and … > more

Tilmann Lindberg

Tilmann Lindberg. After studying economics, business administration, musicology, composition and … > more

Lei Liu

Lei Liu. Lei Liu is a PhD candidate at the Centre for Work, Technology, and Organization (WTO) at … > more

Joachim Lyon

Joachim Lyon. Joachim Lyon is a PhD student at the Centre for Work, Technology, and Organization, … > more

Alexander Lübbe

Alexander Lübbe. Alex holds a master degree in IT Systems Engineering. He spent a year with SAP … > more

Jürgen Müller

Jürgen Müller. Juergen Mueller's focus comprises Discovery Services for the EPC Network and RFID … > more

Christine Noweski

Christine Noweski. Christine has studied political science in Potsdam (Germany) and Bangalore … > more

Matthias Quasthoff

Matthias Quasthoff. Matthias Quasthoff studied Computer Science at the University of Leipzig and … > more

Ingo Rauth

Ingo Rauth. Ingo Rauth studied Communicational and Industrial Design and gained experience working … > more

Martin Reimann

Martin Reimann. Martin Reimann is a researcher at the University of Southern California (USA). His … > more

Daniela K. Rosner

Daniela K. Rosner. Daniela K. Rosner is a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Program in Science, Technology … > more

Dr. Harald Sack

Dr. Harald Sack. Dr. Harald Sack is Senior Researcher at the Hasso Plattner-Institute for IT-Systems … > more

Mark Schar

Mark Schar. As a Ph.D. student at the Center for Design Research, Mark is exploring the role of … > more

Dr. Oliver Schilke

Dr. Oliver Schilke. Oliver Schilke is part of the project entitled “What drives Creative Thinking in … > more

Andreas Seibel

Andreas Seibel. Andreas Seibel graduated from the University of Paderborn in 2007 and is holding a … > more

Prof. Rich Shavelson, Ph.D.

Prof. Rich Shavelson, Ph.D.. Rich Shavelson is the former Dean of the Stanford School of Education … > more

Philipp Skogstad, PhD MBA

Philipp Skogstad, PhD MBA. Philipp is a Post-Doc at the Center for Design Research at Stanford … > more

Bastian Steinert

Bastian Steinert. Bastian Steinert is a research assistant and Ph.D. candidate at the … > more

Martin Steinert, PhD

Martin Steinert, PhD. A native German, Martin moved around a bit having lived in ten+ cities, not … > more

Sushi Suzuki

Sushi Suzuki. Sushi Suzuki is a Ph.D. candidate at the Center for Design Research and and living in … > more

Lauritz Thamsen

Lauritz Thamsen. Lauritz Thamsen is a student in the HPI's master's program and Ph.D. track. He is … > more

Fred Turner

Fred Turner. Fred Turner is an Associate Professor in the Department of Communication at Stanford … > more

Matthias Uflacker

Matthias Uflacker. After studying Computer Science at the Monash University and University of … > more

Thomas Vogel

Thomas Vogel. Having studied Management Information System at the University of Bamberg, Thomas has … > more

Ralf Wagner

Ralf Wagner. Ralf Wagner graduated as Dipl.-Kommunikationswirt (Master of Communications) with focus … > more

Christian Willems

Christian Willems. Christian Willems studied computer science at the University of Trier, received … > more

Dr. Alexander Zeier

Dr. Alexander Zeier. Dr. Alexander B. Zeier graduated from the University of Würzburg with a degree … > more