Design Thinking at Scale? – Investigating the MOOC potential for Design Thinking Training

PI: Prof. Dr. Christoph Meinel


Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) provide a learning platform in which an unlimited number (massive) of participants can join for free (open) a course offered on the Internet (online). Design thinking training seems to be the complete opposite: It is taught in small, interdisciplinary groups in variable spaces – the entire environment is designed to promote creative confidence. Although or just because design thinking and massive open online courses don’t seem to fit together it is worthwhile investigating further on a possible combination of both. Existing design thinking MOOCs shall be reviewed and evaluated. Traditional design thinking training shall be reviewed in terms of phases and curriculum. It shall be further investigated how contents could possibly be transferred to a digital learning environment. At the same time features of existing MOOC platforms shall be evaluated and new features shall be proposed, prototyped, implemented and tested on the platform openHPI. A design thinking MOOC shall be designed and the training process and outcomes shall be compared with those of a traditional training.